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Elevating Your Marketing Strategy

Elevating Your Marketing Strategy: 

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Believe it or not, scientific proof indicates why direct mail stands out as an exceptionally effective marketing channel. Numerous studies have delved into the intricacies of our interactions with various media forms, from printed advertisements to videos, uncovering unique ways in which we process information based on the medium.

So, what wields more influence—the captivating Instagram reel showcasing a new brand of organic wine in your feed, or the postcard featuring a tantalizing photo of the wine bottle that arrives in your mailbox?

In the realm of marketing, two pivotal studies shed light on this question, revealing astonishing truths—specifically, that direct mail leaves a more enduring impression than digital ads.

Enhancing the Value of Mail: The Human Response


The USPS collaborated with Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision-Making to conduct a study comparing people's responses to physical and digital media throughout the consumer buying process. Utilizing eye-movement tracking and biometric measurements, the study gauged attention and emotional engagement with both digital and direct mail. The findings were compelling:

Direct mail imparts a more significant emotional impact than digital ads, resulting in a stronger recall up to one week later.

Participants experienced heightened excitement and desire for valued items when interacting with direct mail.

While digital media captures attention more rapidly, it is the physical mail pieces that leave a lasting impact and are easily recollected.

Strong evidence suggests that a physical mail piece could be the superior option, potentially leading to a purchase.

Consumers recall direct mail pieces more vividly because they activate the parts of our minds that control emotion.

A Bias for Action

By: Canada Post

Canada Post partnered with True Impact Marketing to measure the effectiveness of physical (direct mail) and digital (email and display) advertising media by observing their impacts on consumers. Through eye-tracking tests and stimuli analysis, they discovered:

In a test comparing the impact of similar direct mail and digital media marketing campaigns, participants' recall was 70% higher for direct mail versus a digital ad, which had a recall of 44%.

Direct mail held participants' attention for 118% longer and stimulated 29% higher brand recall than digital advertising.

The study validated Canada Post’s hypothesis that direct mail is more effective at driving consumer action than digital advertising.

It's essential to note that these studies don't advocate for dismissing digital advertising entirely. Instead, they emphasize that digital media, like social media advertising, may not be as effective as previously thought.

Moreover, these tests underscore direct mail's potency as a marketing method, capable of capturing more attention and potentially yielding higher response rates due to its lasting impact on recipients.

A refined strategy involves integrating both direct mail and digital media. Considering the varied response rates, you can leverage social media to remind customers to buy while relying on mailers to prompt prospects to take action, whether it's picking up the phone or making a purchase online.

When armed with a postcard, recipients are ready to absorb information and make informed choices about a company and its products or services. Digital advertisements can complement this process, nudging prospects in the right direction and fostering a stronger brand connection on social media platforms or a website.

To delve deeper into the synergy of direct mail and digital advertisements, explore our Everywhere Small Business campaigns at Duplicates INK - marketSMART. These campaigns seamlessly combine targeted mailers with follow-up digital ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more, enhancing brand awareness and engagement. Trust our expert marketing consultants to elevate your marketing strategy to unparalleled heights.

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