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Lowest Cost vs. Cheapest whats the difference?

With the current state of the economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs to keep their head above the water. Here at Duplicates INK, we have been fortunate to find ways to provide our customers with the same, or better, quality and service they have come to expect, without hurting their bottom line. Regardless, a majority of companies have been affected by the current situation, and as a result are looking for ways to save.

Many business, both large and small, have looked at reducing marketing as a potential way to cut costs. Is this wise? According to Harvard Business Professor John Quelch, business should not reduce their marketing efforts, although there may be ways to market smarter. For some companies, now may even be the optimal time to increase marketing and capture more market share.

Eliminating the option of reducing marketing to save money, what about trying to do the same with less? With companies competing more and more for your business's money, you may see some services offered at what seem like rock-bottom prices. While these prices may be enticing at first, they can carry hidden costs.

The marketing seen by your customers is a direct reflection of your company, so it is important to weigh the benefits of lower costs against the sacrifices in quality. With Direct Mail Marketing, there are a number of considerations to make in your selection process:

Production Quality: Have you selected a printer that will produce a consistent, high-quality finished product to present to your customers? This can be affected by anything from quality of pre-press preparation and proofing, quality of the production equipment used and knowledge of the operators, to the final preparation for mailing. Remember, if the quality of the finished product suffers, so will your company's image.

Direct Mail Knowledge: With the United States Postal Service also looking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its own operations in order to save money, changes to the way mail is prepared and accepted are happening faster than ever. For this reason, it is extremely important to work with a company that knows direct mail. The last thing you want to hear is that your mailing has been rejected due to improper preparation. In addition, a knowledgeable mail service provider can save you money by ensuring you get the best possible rates for whatever you are mailing.

At Duplicates INK, we are aware of the concerns of companies that do direct mail marketing, along with possible issues that may occur along the way. Since we provide all services from the generation of a marketing plan to taking a finished mailing to the post office, we can best advise our customers on how to achieve the greatest effectiveness with their marketing efforts, while ensuring quality will not be forgotten. If you are considering starting Direct Mail Marketing or just evaluating your current marketing offerings, we encourage you to contact us so we may advise you on how to best promote your company
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212° the extra degree®

One of the BEST motivating videos I have seen. Duplicates INK will be implementing the philosophy immediatly to be the best in the printing industry.

Sales Process Defined - Just Sell®... it's all about sales®

Want to really understand the Sales Process Check this out becareful after you read it a lightbulb may go off

Sales Process Defined - Just Sell®... it's all about sales®

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Late Breaking News Psycic Mail???


New information on marketings smarter not harder

Duplicates INK: Printer@Work

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The Way I See It!

Planting a Seed

A young woman decided she wanted to grow an apple tree in her back yard. She had never planted anything before, so she started researching all she could about growing an apple tree. She learned about site selection, training and pruning, adequate fertility, pest control, and other factors helpful for creating a healthy apple tree. Every time she went out in her yard, she pictured the tree already grown with rich, beautiful apples all over it. Because of her determination and ongoing nourishment, the seed she planted grew into a flourishing tree that she was very proud of.

Here's the way I see it: You can't plant apple seeds and expect oranges. However, with a little determination and effort, you may be amazed at what you can grow. We plant "seeds" in life more often than we realize, and sometimes these ideas flourish into great accomplishments. If you're looking for creative nourishment, give us a call. We'd be happy to help your seed grow.

For more information go to http://www.duplicatesink.com/

Business Cards - You NEVER have a 2nd Chance to make a FIRST Impression!

Business cards may be small, but their impact is huge. A business card plays an important part in making a lasting impression upon those you do business with.

When choosing a business card, don’t be cheap. (If you’re on a limited budget, try to save elsewhere.) Experienced sales reps know how important it is to make a good impression on their prospects. They buy nice clothes, drive nice cars, and wine and dine prospects and clients - only to give them a 5¢ business card?!? Why not consider a 10¢, 15¢, or 20¢ business card that would really wow a customer and add to the overall good impression?

Feature your company name prominently, with your name and title smaller. Using your company logo is important, because it will help people associate your name with the product you are selling.

Don’t take up too much space listing all the ways you can be contacted. It’s best to list your phone, fax, and email address. Personal cell phone numbers and beeper numbers should be given to the client verbally, when necessary.

Full-color printing can add a dramatic impact to the look of your business card. If your budget doesn’t support full color, there are a lot of creative possibilities using two colors of ink combined with a third color of paper.

Don’t overlook the backside of your business card. It is a great place to add more sales and marketing information, your mission statement, a map and location, or photos of your products.

It’s worth the time! Business cards are one of the most important tools for business today. The time and effort you spend creating and printing excellent business cards will pay future dividends.

Find more tips at http://www.duplicatesink.com/

Marketing Tips: Duplicates INK : South Carolina Affordable Commercial Printing : Myrtle Beach Printing

Marketing Tips: Duplicates INK : South Carolina Affordable Commercial Printing : Myrtle Beach Printing

Marketing Tips: Duplicates INK : South Carolina Affordable Commercial Printing : Myrtle Beach Printing

Here is a suggested reading about logo creation. Suggested by Amazon

Marketing Tips: Duplicates INK : South Carolina Affordable Commercial Printing : Myrtle Beach Printing: "The Big Book of Logos
by David E. Carter (Editor)

When David E. Carter asked designers to send him examples of their best logo designs, more than 11,000 logos came streaming in, including submissions from nearly every top design firm in the country. The resulting book, The Big Book of Logos, contains the best 2,500 or so of the logos he received, all in dazzling full-color on heavy, glossy stock. This full-sized, 380-page volume is a must for anyone looking for inspiration in logo design."

Four Foolproof Ways to Create a Great Company Logo

Have you taken a close look at your company logo lately? Does it look like it came straight out of the 1980s, or have you kept it up-to-date? An outdated logo can make you look stagnant and stale in the minds of prospective customers. To combat this effect, many companies redesign their logos every few years to keep them fresh. If your company is considering a logo update, here are some tips to help:

  • Choose a logo that looks good large or small. This will allow for more variety in your ads and other printed materials.

  • Keep it simple. Your logo doesn't have to look fancy to grab attention. Just look at IBM and Apple. Their logos are simple but memorable.

  • Limit yourself to two or three colors of ink. Having too many ink colors in your company's logo will put an unnecessary strain on your printing budget - and might actually look distracting, rather than distinctive. A nice-looking, two-color logo will give you the professional look you want at a reasonable price.

  • Use standard ink colors. Custom-mixed inks cost more, and many standard ink colors offer just as unique and professional a look as their more expensive, custom-mixed cousins.

For more great logo ideas, visit http://www.duplicatesink.com/. We can help you develop a distinctive logo at an affordable price. If you already have a logo in mind, we can show you how to use it more effectively on your printing.

Introduction to my blog

Hey my name is John Cassidy,  In 1990 I started a new printing company located in Conway SC.  At first we started just offering our local business neighborhood a place they could get copies and faxes.  Over the past 19 years we grew our business to be one of the largest printing firms in the Myrtle Beach SC market. 

2007 we decided that if we wanted to grow Duplicates INK we had to build a larger facility and invest in the latest in printing technology.  Our commitment to our plan was over $1,000,000 investment in the new facility and the new equipment.

2008 we completed the construction of our new facility and installed our new Heidelberg Speedmaster 52.  We took Duplicates INK to a  new level.  Our facility finally mirrored our capabilities and expertise in Print and Communications. 

We decided we wanted to brand Duplicates as Marketing Service Providers.  When we work with our clients we don't take the order taker approach.  We work with them in a consultative manner, helping them with their campaign to make it successful.

Since the addition of the new equipment and educating our team on where the industry is going we have won 20 print quality awards, mostly regional and a few national.

In 2009 while most companies in our industry realized 20%-30% loss, Duplicates INK only saw a 7% decline.  In speaking with many consultants in the industry the 7% was very respectable.  We minimized our losses. 

So far in 2010 we are seeing a 13% growth.  This is attributed to the fact that we have been marketing very aggressive, and keeping our sales funnel full.

Check us out at http://www.duplicatesink.com/