Sunday, August 8, 2010

Introduction to my blog

Hey my name is John Cassidy,  In 1990 I started a new printing company located in Conway SC.  At first we started just offering our local business neighborhood a place they could get copies and faxes.  Over the past 19 years we grew our business to be one of the largest printing firms in the Myrtle Beach SC market. 

2007 we decided that if we wanted to grow Duplicates INK we had to build a larger facility and invest in the latest in printing technology.  Our commitment to our plan was over $1,000,000 investment in the new facility and the new equipment.

2008 we completed the construction of our new facility and installed our new Heidelberg Speedmaster 52.  We took Duplicates INK to a  new level.  Our facility finally mirrored our capabilities and expertise in Print and Communications. 

We decided we wanted to brand Duplicates as Marketing Service Providers.  When we work with our clients we don't take the order taker approach.  We work with them in a consultative manner, helping them with their campaign to make it successful.

Since the addition of the new equipment and educating our team on where the industry is going we have won 20 print quality awards, mostly regional and a few national.

In 2009 while most companies in our industry realized 20%-30% loss, Duplicates INK only saw a 7% decline.  In speaking with many consultants in the industry the 7% was very respectable.  We minimized our losses. 

So far in 2010 we are seeing a 13% growth.  This is attributed to the fact that we have been marketing very aggressive, and keeping our sales funnel full.

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